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Flood Bulletin


Floods are water related disasters, which the life on Earth has to encounter from time to time. Water Management, in a broad sense, includes management of these order to mitigate the misery of humans and animals.


Many factors like intensity and duration of rain fall, sedimentation in riverbed, natural and man-made obstructions, etc. play a role in the occurrence of floods. Study of these factors and evaluation of flood hazards every year for a given basin are indispensable for evolution of various flood management measures. Accordingly, the GFCC, at the end of each flood season, prepares an annual flood report comprising rain-fall pattern in the basins and major flood events of the year.


At the start of the monsoon season, all the states of the Ganga basin and Central Govt. Departments or Organisations like CWC, IMD, etc. dealing with floods are requested to furnish flood data (information on flood and flood damages during the monsoon season). This information broadly includes general trend of rain-fall, water-level and its trend, damage to engineering structures and public properties, disruption of communication and measures taken for its restoration. Weekly Flood Bulletins are issued for the Ganga basin by GFCC incorporating all those information and during the year of 2013, a total of 18 such weekly bulletins were issued.

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